Human Candle: The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

Incredible Melting Man - Featured Image

Sunlight through the rings of Saturn! Cosmic rays turn astronaut Steve West into a Real Mess! Gross and gooey, living decomposition, needing human cells to maintain! Writer-director William Sachs delivers a sci-fi horror in the spirit of the 1950s with the gore of the 1980s, but he did so in the 1970s. If nothing else, that’s really something to be proud of.

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Comic Review: Criminal Macabre – Last Train to Deadsville (Dark Horse)

Cal McDonald - Last Train to Deadsville - Featured Image

Nothing like a little heart to go with your horror (especially if it’s still beating). Tabloid headlines, gateways to hell, & She-Demons on Wheels – all on Valentine’s Day. The whole damn town is under attack & there’s no way that this ends well. But here comes Cal McDonald, supernatural sleuth, to put right what has gone wrong, & take a few psychoactive drugs along the way.

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Short: The Ventriloquist (2012) & Interview

The Ventriloquist - Featured Image

This Dummy is No Dummy!

Kevin Spacey & Mr. Higgins, kings of the street corner burlesque act. Higgins is quite the ladies man. He wants some sugar with his coffee. Higgins breaks out on his own, leaving Spacey with a cold hand and a lonely heart. Darkness lurks in the dummy whether we know it or not. Also a Q&A with the director.

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Five Memorable Deadly Reptiles From Film

Deadly Reptiles - Godzilla - Featured Image

Scaly skin, beady eyes, & cold blood. These are the things that a reptile make. Take the apple, eat the apple. Learn yourself a thing or two. From the days of the Bible to the days of the Atomic Bomb, these slithering suckers have plagued mankind. Avoid the reptile at all costs by using this handy reference guide.

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Rotten Reptile: Track of the Moon Beast (1976)

Track of the Moon Beast - Featured Image

The werewolf story gets a decidedly reptilian makeover in this weirdo production about a meteor shower, severe head trauma, and a lizard. A big lizard. A lizard that walks like a man! There are ties to completely-imaginary Native American mythology, lunar worship, and a pet komodo dragon. PLUS, it’s a story from the co-creator of Batman, which is something most films can’t boast. We get a bit of the inside scoop from starlet Leigh Drake, and a carefully crafted stew recipe! Mmmm-mmmm!

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Book Review: Dark Harvest by Norman Partridge

Dark Harvest - Featured Image

In a small rural midwestern town, Halloween means hellraising, and hellraising means conjuring up ol’ Sawtooth Jack—a living scarecrow with a body of vines, a heart of candy, and a glowing pumpkin head. Boys hunting Sawtooth Jack, Sawtooth Jack hunting boys, and everyone hunting for freedom. It’s a supernatural conspiracy relying on small town complacency, complete with lies, magic, and sweet, sweet nougat. This is a modern myth told in rockabilly style. Trick ‘r’ freaking treat.

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Go-Go Dreams: Girl in Gold Boots (1968)

Girl in Gold Boots - Featured Image

Ted V. Mikels produced this oddball caper about a small town waitress making way for L.A. in hopes of getting her big break go-go dancing at the Haunted House club. Along for the ride is slick wheeler Buz and scruffy hitcher Critter, a love triangle so maddening that it’s almost impossible to care about. The most interesting things here are in the margins, such as the tenuous ties to the Beat Generation…and of course the gals in gold boots, rebels with pretty minds.

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Comic Review: Criminal Macabre – Letter from B.S/Love Me Tenderloin (Dark Horse)

Love Me Tenderloin - Cal McDonald - Featured Image

Ghostly gangsters, undead casinos, & eternally burning love. Bodies under the floorboards, red meat demons, &…eternally burning love. Two back-to-back heartwarmers for supernatural sleuth Cal McDonald, who just can not catch a break.

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Convict Justice: Short Eyes (1977)

Short Eyes - Featured Image

Bruce Davison learns the hard way that touching kids won’t earn you any friends in the pen. This unflinching prison tale is more arthouse exploration than grindhouse exploitation, and that’s because it was written by someone with experience. Curits Mayfield and Freddy Fender lead us on a spiritual singalong, but these good time games are only disguising the volatile violence that bubbles just beneath the surface. What’s’ the difference between Not Guilty and Innocent? That’s what we’re here to find out. Plus, the true story hiding within the imaginary one.

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LSD Bloodlust: Lila AKA Mantis In Lace (1968)

Lila/Mantis in Lace - Featured Image

Nudie cutie Lila shakes her goods on stage to a wicked groove, and chooses men for chemical seduction. Acid trips, casual sex, and cold-blooded murder permeate this sleazy little ditty, not to mention a genuine terror of bananas, the most phallic of fruit. Cops are on her tail, but there’s nothing mod about this squad. These badges are all squaresville. Chop up the corpses and stick them in a box. Love them and love them and love them to death.

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